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7 Reliable Alarms for the Elderly For Safety & Peace of Mind

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to caring for the elderly. However, it can be difficult to constantly monitor their movements, especially for those seeking to maintain a high level of independence. That’s why personal alarms for the elderly were created. These alarms seek to give the elderly and their caregivers some peace of mind. Read on to learn more about these safety alarms for seniors and where to find reliable personal alarm options. 

What Are Alarms for the Elderly?

Personal alarms can come in a variety of formats, such as charms, pendants, pull string devices, and more. These alarms for the elderly are intended to promote a sense of safety for those in need. Most often, personal alarms are meant to protect the elderly in the instance that they feel unwell, fall, or are in need of additional assistance. Portable alarms such as pendant alarms for the elderly are an ideal option for those who also get lost easily. 

When activated, they can alert individuals in a few different ways. If the elderly individual is not living alone, the loud alarm noise will let fellow household members know assistance is needed. If this is not possible, some alarms will connect to a 24/7 monitoring service that can track the location of the alarm and send emergency services. 

Reliable Alarms for the Elderly

When it comes to investing in alarms for the elderly, you’ll want to look for reliable and convenient options. To get started with your search, check out the wide range of personal alarms below. 

Advantage Magnetic Alarm

With Amica’s Advantage Magnetic Alarm, caregivers can carefully monitor elderly people and inhibit wandering for just $36.99. The magnetic pull switch can be released from any angle, reducing the number of false alarms. Additionally, caregivers won’t need to worry about setting off the alarm while checking the battery level. The built-in battery tester can inform the caregiver of the battery level without making any loud noises. 

Safety Sentry Alarm

For individuals worried about false alarms, the Safety Sentry Alarm is a top choice. This alarm lacks an on/off switch and comes with a safety lock that decreases the amount of tampering that may occur. It also contains a volume control for those who need to adjust the alarm noise depending on their distance from the elderly individual. Caregivers can turn the alarm louder in the instance that they must walk away from the elderly to ensure the alarm is heard when needed. 

Deluxe Personal Safety Alarm

This personal alarm is a great option for elderly people who need constant monitoring. The Deluxe Personal Safety Alarm monitor system attaches to a resident’s bed while the Safety Klip attaches to the resident. The easy-to-use pull string can set off the alarm in the instance of non-resident approved movement, reducing the risk of lost elderly individuals or injury from accidental falls. 

Micro-Tech Sentinel Alarm

The Micro-Tech Sentinel Alarm attaches directly to a nurse’s call system, effectively creating clear communication for elderly individuals in need. This alarm for the elderly is great for wheelchair or bed monitoring as it connects to a sensor pad that can be placed in the chair or bed. With no on/off switch and tamper-resistant controls, this device is built to reduce false alarms and provide a personalized experience for just $107.85. 

Guardian Alert 911

As the world’s first personal emergency response system (PERS), the Guardian Alert 911 allows for communication with an emergency operator. A 911 dispatcher is immediately alerted and sent to the alarm location while the elderly individual talks with the operator if possible. This pendant is water-resistant and powered by AAA batteries. This alarm for the elderly does not require a monthly fee for services either. For $137.50, you’ll have access to emergency care when needed. 

Quick Alert Ultra II

The Quick Alert Ultra II is the ideal option for those needing wheelchair monitoring. With five delayed alarm options and nurse call compatibility, wheelchair monitoring is much easier. Enjoy a protective silicone cover, volume adjustment, and a low battery indicator for convenience and safety with this personal alarm.


The last personal alarm option on this list is the FreedomAlert. This alarm for the elderly is easily programmable with up to four contacts, meaning you can quickly communicate with friends, family, or neighbors when assistance is needed. The FreedomAlert offers two-way communication, four pendants, a 24-hour emergency backup battery, and more for a one-time payment of $451.61.

Stay Safe With Amica

When it comes to investing in an alarm for the elderly, Amica has you covered! Our high-quality products are designed with user experience in mind. You’ll be able to find the right alarm for you or your family members with our wide range of alarm options. Enjoy peace of mind and top-tier safety with Amica.

Contact us today at 1-888-939-0774 to learn more about our alarm systems and how you can keep safety a top priority with ease!

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