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9 Gadgets for Dementia Patients That are Incredibly Helpful

When a loved one begins to show the signs of dementia, it can raise safety concerns for friends and family. The last thing you want is to find out your loved one has wandered off on their own or is facing a medical emergency and is unable to get ahold of anyone. Fortunately, many devices for dementia patients have been created in response to this concern. Learn more about the best gadgets for dementia patients below. 

Gadgets for Dementia Patients

Start your list of things to buy for dementia patients with a few of these useful gadgets that can promote safety and independence. 

Safety Alarms

The first gadget for dementia patients on our list is safety alarms. These wearable devices can connect directly to emergency services in the instance that immediate assistance is needed. Your loved one can simply press a button to alert that a medical emergency is occurring. Amica Medical Supply provides a variety of portable safety alarms that can alert both medical professionals and caregivers of an emergency. 

Time Tracker

Dementia patients often lose track of time. They may not remember what day or even year it is. A time tracker, such as a clock that tracks both the time and date, can serve as a frequent reminder. It may help them remember important details about the day or act as a soothing agent when they become confused about where they are. 

Wearable GPS

For dementia patients who develop a habit of wandering off, a wearable GPS device may be just the solution. Caregivers can connect the device to their cell phones and enable alerts if their loved one leaves their home. This will help caregivers locate individuals with dementia and help them safely find their way back home. 

Picture Phone

Add a picture phone to the list of things to buy for dementia patients. Sometimes dementia patients can recognize faces even when they cannot remember a name or phone number. Picture phones allow caregivers to program the phone with photos of each person that may need to be contacted. When a dementia patient clicks on the photo, the phone will automatically call that individual. 


In addition to picture phones, tablets are another great gadget for dementia patients. Video calls such as Skype or FaceTime can help dementia patients connect with loved ones visually. Since not all dementia patients can clearly communicate with words, they can still use body language or facial expressions to talk with loved ones or medical professionals via video on a tablet. 

Smart Lock

Minimize the concern of a wandering dementia patient with smart locks. These locks are built to open with ease for caregivers but may present challenges that keep dementia patients from opening them. You may consider placing these on basement doors to avoid falls down the stairs or locking away hazards such as sharp objects. 

Electrical Appliance Monitors

Not all dementia patients have severe memory loss. In more minor situations, a dementia patient may be able to still use appliances throughout the house. However, they may forget to turn off the stove or unplug a heated device. Electrical appliance monitors are power strips that alert a caregiver when a device or appliance has not been turned off in a while. This allows them to visit the residence as needed to unplug devices or turn off appliances to prevent injury. 

Automated Pill Dispensers

Individuals who have a difficult time remembering medications may benefit from this gadget for dementia patients. Automated pill dispensers can be programmed with a timer to distribute medication as instructed by a medical professional. This will eliminate the potential for patients to forget medication or accidentally take too much. Caregivers can regularly check the system to ensure that patients are receiving their medication and can make changes as needed. 

Motion-Sensor Lights

The final device for dementia patients on our list is motion-sensor lights. Dementia patients may be at an increased risk for potential falls and injury. Having motion-sensor lights throughout the house can brighten the hallways and illuminate any potential trip hazards that may be in the way. 

Dementia Patient Safety with Amica

Start your search for the best gadgets for dementia patients with Amica Medical Supply. As the largest online Authorized Dealer of countless medical devices, you can find the right products with ease. Our strong manufacturer relationships allow us to provide customers with the highest quality brands at special prices. 

Learn more about our safety alarms and other products for dementia patients today! Give us a call at 1-888-939-0774 or contact us online.

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