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Does Medicare Cover Mobility Scooters? What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, we often lose mobility as we age. Since this is such a common issue, there are ample equipment options that have emerged to assist in mobility. One such product is a mobility scooter. These scooters help individuals dealing with decreased mobility gain their independence back

Though these mobility scooters can be extremely useful, they can also be a bit expensive. You may be wondering, “Will my health insurance help with this expensive? Does Medicare cover scooters?” These are completely valid questions, and we have the answers. Read on to learn more about Medicare-approved mobility scooters. 

Does Medicare Cover Mobility Scooters?

The short answer: yes. Medicare Part B covers necessary medical supplies like mobility scooters, preventative care, or medical services, such as outpatient care. To qualify for Medicare Part B, you must be at least 65 years old and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident for a minimum of five consecutive years. It’s recommended that you enroll for Part B as soon as you are eligible to receive the standard premium cost and avoid late enrollment fees. 

Eligibility for Medicare-Approved Mobility Scooters

Medicare Part B considers mobility scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs to be durable medical equipment (DME). In order for DME to be covered, individuals must meet the following criteria outlined in Medicare’s Wheelchair and Scooter Benefits guide: 

  • The doctor treating your condition submits a written order stating that you have a medical need for a wheelchair or scooter for use in your home.
  • You have limited mobility and meet all of these conditions: 
    • You have a health condition that causes significant difficulty moving around in your home.
    • You’re unable to do activities of daily living (like bathing, dressing, getting in or out of a bed or chair, or using the bathroom) even with the help of a cane, crutch, or walker.
    • You’re able to safely operate and get on and off the wheelchair or scooter, or have someone with you who is always available to help you safely use the device.
    • Your doctor who is treating you for the condition that requires a wheelchair or scooter and your supplier are both enrolled in Medicare. 
    • You can use the equipment within your home (for example, it’s not too big to fit through doorways in your home or blocked by floor surfaces or things in its path).

The specific DME you are seeking may have set requirements from Medicare regarding how you acquire the equipment. Typically, long-term scooters are available for purchase while short-term scooters may be rented from your supplier. 

How to Get a Scooter from Medicare

Some DME requires a “prior authorization” before it can be purchased. To access this prior authorization, your supplier will need to do two things: 

  1. Review the list of Medicare-approved mobility scooters that require prior authorization and submit a request. 
  2. Send the required documentation to Medicare for eligibility review and approval. 

Once you’ve received prior authorization, you can move forward with renting or purchasing your Medicare-approved mobility scooter. 

It’s important to note that Medicare Plan B has restrictions regarding covering DME. Part of the eligibility approval process focuses on your healthcare provider and supplier. Both of these institutes must be enrolled in Medicare to receive approval on claims. If they are not, Medicare won’t approve and pay for claims. 

Cost of Mobility Scooters

The cost of a Medicare-approved mobility scooter will vary depending on your qualifications and supplier. If your DME supplier is enrolled with Medicare and is willing to accept assignment costs, Medicare will cover a large portion of your scooter. In addition to your Part B deductible, you’ll be responsible for paying 20% of the amount approved by Medicare. 

However, if your supplier does not accept costs or you are denied by Medicare, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for your mobility scooter. We’ll cover where to purchase mobility scooters in the next section. 

Where to Purchase Mobility Scooters

Once your healthcare provider has prescribed a mobility scooter, it’s time to start shopping around. Your provider may have a list of recommended Medicare-approved suppliers, or you may have the option to shop around. 

If you’re searching on your own, look no further than Amica Medical Supply! We offer a selection of mobility scooters in both 3 and 4 wheel configurations. Our portable scooters are a lightweight option for those on-the-go individuals while our standard scooters make the perfect addition to everyday mobility. We also provide handy equipment, such as ramps, extra batteries, and mobility scooter accessories

Give us a call today at 1-888-939-0774 to learn more about how our mobility scooters work with Medicare!

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