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How to Choose a Patient Transfer Sheet

If you or your patient has limited to no mobility, you need tools to help you transfer them from place to place. Such tools include gait belts, patient lifts, and patient transfer sheets. Gait belts and lifts help to move the patient from one surface to another. Likewise, sheets are ideal for repositioning patients.

Below, you will find a complete guide to what patient transfer sheets are, how to use one, and where to purchase one. Keep reading to learn more about how you can make patient transfer easier!

Your Complete Guide to Patient Transfer Sheets

What is a Patient Transfer Sheet?

In short, patient transfer sheets make it easier to move and readjust patients’ into new positions. They eliminate the need to lift patients during transfers, making it safer and easier for both patient and caregiver. However, there are different types of patient transfer sheets.

A typical sheet helps to reposition a patient’s body. These are also referred to as patient transfer slide sheets. This transfer device consists of two sheets, one of top of the other. Once you get both sheets under the patient, the sheets easily slide against one another, making it easy to reposition patients on their bed. 

A patient transfer sheet with handles has a similar function. Typically, these sheets only have one layer and are lined with small handles along the edges. Once you get the sheet under the patient, you are better able to move the patient from one surface to another, such as from a stretcher to a bed or vice versa.

How to Use a Sheet to Transfer a Patient

Now that you know what a patient transfer sheet is, you are probably wondering how to use a sheet to transfer a patient. Here are step-by-step instructions explaining how to use a patient transfer slide sheet to reposition a patient in bed. This procedure is best performed with two caretakers. Therefore, this step-by-step guide explains the process of using a patient transfer slide sheet with a caretaker on either side of the bed. Additionally, this guide focuses on patients who cannot support themselves at all.

  1. Ensure the patient is lying on his or her back in the middle of the bed. 
  2. Lift one of the patient’s legs so that his/her knee is in the air, and his/her foot is resting flat on the bed.
  3. Next, the caretaker standing on the opposite side of the raised leg should grab the hip and shoulder and roll the patient on his/her side, rolling the patient toward him/her.
  4. The caretaker on the other side of the bed should then lay the two layers of patient transfer sheets along the length of the patient, slightly tucking one end of the sheet under his/her back.
  5. The caretaker holding the patient on his/her side can then roll the patient back onto his/her back.
  6. Lift the other leg roll the patient on his/her other side in the same way as you did in step four.
  7. The caretaker on the other side of the bed can then pulls the rest of the sheet under the patient so that the patient is lying in the middle of the top sheet.
  8. You can then slide the patient around using the edges of the top sheet, or handles if the sheet is equipped with them. The top sheet easily slides against the bottom one, making it easy to move the patient around. 

Are you a visual learner? Learn more about how to use a sheet to transfer a patient with this helpful guide.

In addition to these steps, it’s important to keep in mind patient transfer techniques. For example, it’s important to always communicate to the patient what you are going to do before you do it.

Choosing a Patient Transfer Sheet to Purchase

Now that you know all about patient transfer sheets and how to use them, it’s important to find one that works for you. Here are some of the best patient transfer sheets at the most affordable prices. All three are washable, easy to use, and have various sizes available.

1. Bestcare Transfer Quilt

The Bestcare Transfer Quilt is made from a friction-reducing coated fabric to make patient transfer as easy as possible. Additionally, this is a patient transfer sheet with handles, making repositioning easy. This model comes in two sizes:

2. Bestcare Booster Transfer Sheet

The Bescare Booster Transfer Sheet is made from ultra-low friction materials that make lateral transfers and adjustments easier than ever. There are also easy-to-grab loop handles to make adjustments efficient and comfortable for patients and caregivers alike. This model comes in the following sizes:

3. Bestcare Transfer Sheet

Last but not least, the Bestcare Transfer Sheet is the lowest-priced model, the smallest size only costing $35. While it has similar friction-reducing fabric, it does not have handles. Here are the three sizes this model comes in:

Purchase a Patient Transfer Sheet Today!

In the end, it’s important to make sure the patient transfer sheet you purchase is the right size for your patient and has strong, friction-reducing fabrics. Additionally, if you prefer handles on your sheet, make sure the sheet you choose has those as well. 

Amica Medical Supply has a large selection of patient transfer devices, including sheets, lifts, slings, wheelchairs, walkers, and so much more! They have the best quality medical equipment at the lowest prices. To learn more about Amica Medical Supply’s products, contact them or check out their online store!

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