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Special Education Supplies That Make Students Smile

As an education professional, it is your job to ensure every student is soaking up the knowledge they need to succeed. That means finding innovative ways to help students tackle difficult subjects and topics! Often times this is the most difficult part of teaching, but it is amplified for those working with special education students. Moreover, there is added pressure to create an environment that students can flourish in- but that costs money. This is why it is important for education administrators to invest in special education supplies that not only better a student’s education, but also makes them smile! Why? Keep reading and we'll explain why.

Supporting Their Social Endeavors

Being a special education student can be very challenging. They face roadblocks both in and out of the classroom, and it is their teacher’s jobs to help them best navigate it. The most widely shared problem amongst these students is building relationships with their peers. This is especially true for students who have physical disabilities. Because many build relationships through physical activities, not being able to engage in them can be detrimental to students. This is why it is important for schools to invest in medical devices that can increase their mobility! By being able to keep up with their peers, students won't feel too different from their peers and will be more outgoing. Both are crucial components to building friend groups and long lasting relationships.

Building Their Motivation

As one can imagine, being in the shoes of a special education student isn’t easy. School is often a very stressful environment for them, as they constantly feel that they aren’t measuring up to the students around them. The stress can easily leave students feeling unmotivated and discouraged. In order to combat this, it is important that there are elements of school they truly love. That means investing in tools and devices that may their day to day life more enjoyable! Whether that be [insert a rec. product here], it will help them look forward to [insert activity it helps]. Not only will this help them wake up every morning wanting to come to school, but it will help them manage their daily stress.


Overall, special education students are just like everyone else. They just face different challenges that other students their age. By investing in devices that help increase their mobility, independence, and overall happiness, your institution will benefit and so will your students!


What Should Be In Your Classroom? Glad You Asked…

1) Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller

The Trotter by Drive Medical is a lightweight portable positioning chair that provides transport solutions for parents and children.  It has an adjustable seat angle, back angle, and seat depth that provides custom positioning for individual needs. Moreover, its simple adjustments allow this stroller to grow with your child.

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2) 9000 Jymni Wheelchair

The Invacare 9000 Jymni Wheelchair offers your growing list of pediatric patients versatility, functionality and maneuverability.  Furthermore, this chair is specifically designed to suit the needs of smaller patients. It offers features like a durable carbon-steel frame and easy adjustability.

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3) BestLift Full Body Patient Lift

The BestLift Full Body Patient Lift is a cost effective solution for safe patient transfers!  The base easily opens via hand control to increase stability during operation.With an overall base length of 44.9”, maximum width of 42.9”, and base height of 4.5”, it is the perfect solution for transferring patients of all sizes.

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4) Bantam Standing Frames

The EasyStand Bantam Medium combines features from both the Bantam and Evolv series to make it more appropriate for the larger, involved child. As children grow, transfers become more difficult, and as a result, compliance with a standing program often suffers. The Bantam Medium allows transfers to a seated or supine position, or any position in between.

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5) Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Walker

The Nimbo lightweight posterior safety roller supports the user from behind requiring them to procure a more upright posture and it also promotes trunk extension. Many physical therapists prefer posterior (reverse) walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders.

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