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Transfer Equipment Every Nursing Student Should Be Familiar With

When it comes to the next generation of nurses, educators must ensure that they are preparing students for the real world. That means allowing them to engage with the tools professionals use everyday! Often times, the transfer equipment students train on is outdated and not widely used. At first this may not seem like an issue. It isn’t upon further research that we see the true impact this has. 

New Nurses’ Turnover Rates

According to research, only 10% of nurse executives feel that new graduate nurses are fully prepared to practice effectively and safely. Because of this, new nurses often quit their positions within the first two years. Statistics show that turnover rates are 30% in the first year and 57% in the second year. That is an alarming rate! Many nurses say a major factor that led to their decision is the inability to ensure patient safety. This is often due to their lack of expertise with equipment in conjunction with the high risk nature of the field.

Patient & Care Provider Safety

Because many nursing students are not properly trained to transport patients via lifts and other devices, they often face injury during their employment. With demand for nurses and caregivers increasing, musculoskeletal injuries to the back, shoulder, and upper ex­tremities are expected to increase as well. In fact, 12% of caregivers leave the profession due to injury! This is the last thing we want. This affects not only the quality of care, but the nurses' lives as well. By training students how to use transfer equipment and the appropriate algorithms which utilize them, educators can protect their students’ health and safety.


Overall, it is important that nursing students are properly trained before they enter the workforce. If not, it is detrimental to both their and their patients’ lives. With this information in mind, one can now see the effect of training on outdated medical devices.

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1) Bestcare Deluxe Split Leg Mesh Sling

This sling is perfect for students to practice with! Because of it's innovative design it can be used for a variety of patients. Regardless of if patients are totally dependent, non-weight bearing, or have limited head control, this sling can be used. If you are looking for an affordable sling that your students can train on, look no further.


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2) Invacare Reliant Plus 350

It is important that students have access and training on a variety of lifts. This sit-to-stand lift is one of the most popular lifts amongst institutions; thus a great option for you as well. Lifts of these sort can be good for rehab purposes in a facility as the patient is transferred in an upright semi-standing position.

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3) Hoyer Quick Fit Deluxe Padded Sling

This sling is fully padded to ensure patient comfort and durability. This universal style sling is great for practicing bed to chair and chair to commode transfers. It can also be used for floor pick ups as well. Because of it's ability to perform so many types of transfers, it is perfect for nursing students.

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4) Drive Medical Delta Ultra Light 1000

This bed comes with a pre-installed motor that allows you to adjust the height to facilitate transfers. The bed is also capable of supporting up to 450 lbs! If you read last week's blog post, you may be aware of the prominence of bariatric patients in the field! All the more reason why nursing students should be practicing transfers with tool to support patients of this size.

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