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When To Go From a Walker to a Cane As You Recover

As you’re recovering from surgery and trying to avoid additional injury, walking aids like canes and walkers are excellent solutions. In many instances, your healthcare provider or physical therapist will likely recommend starting with a comfortable walker until you’ve fully recovered or begin to feel more stable. After a while, you may be wondering when you can go from a walker to a cane.

Before we take a look at when to go from a walker to a cane, let’s discuss how to safely use a walker vs. a cane so you can easily transition between the two with little complications.

Safely Using a Walker

The first step in safely using a walker is to select the right one for your needs.

When choosing a standard walker, you’ll want to consider factors such as adjustability and storage. An adjustable walker can match your needs and meet your specific requirements. A combination of adjustable height and a walker with wheels can assist with independent mobility. Many walkers also are available with collapsible designs for neat storage or easy travel.

Take a look at a few of our high-quality walkers to find the right one for you:

Once you’ve chosen the proper walker, you’ll need to adjust the height properly so that your hands can comfortably rest on the top of the bar when standing straight. From there, keep your walker at roughly arm’s distance and slowly push forward. Use the handles for balance and focus on pushing straight down into the handles as you begin to walk. Pushing forward on the handles can cause the walker to slip and lead to further injury. Continue this process at a comfortable pace until you reach your destination.

Safely Using a Cane

When you’re ready to go from a walker to a cane, review how to safely use a cane to avoid further injury.

Similar to a walker, you’ll want to choose the proper type of cane for your specific needs. Canes offer a variety of options, including features such as quad bases or gel handles, that can help you properly balance and navigate your way to your next destination.

Consider a few of the following canes as you search for the best fit:

After selecting the best cane for your needs, you’ll want to know how to safely use it as you transition from a walker. First, ensure that your cane is the proper height. If your mobility device does not reach roughly around the crease of your wrist, it may not be the right height for you. Your hand should be able to rest comfortably on the top without a slight bend to your elbow.

You’ll want to hold your cane on the opposite side of your body that needs support. If you’ve just had surgery on your right leg, for example, your cane should be held with your left hand. This is to avoid putting additional strain on the recovering side of your body. As you step forward, lead with your recovering side, using your cane as support before bringing the cane up to meet the leading leg. Continue this process until you’ve reached your destination.

Transitioning from Walker to Cane

When it comes to using a walker vs. a cane, knowing when to transition from a walker to a cane is essential for safety and mobility. However, there is no right answer for when to make this transition.

When being discharged, your healthcare provider may offer a rough estimate of when you’ll be able to go from a walker to a cane, but the reality is that it’s really up to you. When you feel comfortable enough to begin navigating with a cane instead of a walker, you can consider slowly making that transition.

Before fully making the switch, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider or physical therapist to ensure that this transition from a walker to a cane won’t cause further damage to your recovery.

As you begin your journey through recovery with either a walker or cane, you’ll want to invest in the highest quality products to promote safety and keep your recovery process moving smoothly. With Amica, you can trust that our mobility devices are built with the utmost care and consideration for your needs. You’ll find a variety of quality walkers and canes that are guaranteed to help you move seamlessly around your space.

Contact our professional team today at 1-855-557-5446 to learn more about our products and get started with your next walker or cane.

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