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What Is a Geri Chair? Using a Geriatric Chair

Is your patient recovering from an illness or surgery, have a hard time supporting him/herself in a seated position, or have mobility issues?

Then you might benefit from a Geriatric chair!

But what is a Geri chair, and what do you use it for? Read on to find the answers!

What is a Geri Chair and How Do You Use It?

What is a Geri chair?

Geri chairs are specialized recliners that are upholstered in non-permeable, easily sanitized vinyl. This makes the chair easy to clean and provides firm support for patients.

Additionally, Geri chairs have wheels on their feet, which makes transporting patients easy. Many chairs come with positioning cushions and activity tray tables.

These chairs are a perfect addition in the home or in a clinical environment where some individuals need more support than a traditional wheelchair can provide.

What is a Geri chair used for?

Geri chairs provide seating for people who are recovering from an illness or those who have difficulty supporting themselves in a seated position.

Overall, people with mobility issues or those who are bedridden and have a difficult time sitting upright in a conventional wheelchair can benefit significantly from a Geri chair.

How do you use a Geri chair?

Using a geriatric chair is very similar to using a wheelchair. Transfer the patient from their bed—or other surfaces—to the chair.

To recline, most Geri chairs have a bar or lever you use to move the chair in the desired position and lock it in place. Similarly, the chairs should have casters with locks to easily move and secure the recliner.

What is the best type of Geri chair to purchase?

Three-Position Geri Chair Recliners are some of the best models on the market. They allow patients to achieve three different positions: upright, deep recline, and elevated footrest/leg rest.

These positions allow the patient to lay back for a nap, sit up to read or watch television or find a comfortable position to relax.

Three-Position Recliners are adjustable, allowing each patient to find a comfortable position that suits them best. Additionally, these chairs have comfortable armrests, detachable trays, and support for legs and feet.

Here are some of the best Three-Position Geri Chair Recliners on the market:

  • Drive Medical 3 Position Recliner Extra Wide: Has a built-in headrest, wide padded armrests, comfortable, soil-resistant upholstery, and a large molded tray with a cupholder. Additionally, the wheels lock for safety, the side panels pop off for easy cleaning.
  • Invacare 3-Position Recliner Deluxe: This chair is designed for comfort, complete with formed padding on the back and seat, an articulating headrest, webbing cushions to prevent sliding, easy maneuverability, and a five-way lock side tray. 
  • Lumex Preferred Care Recliner: This chair allows for infinite reclining positions, has extra-padded armrests, and is easy to clean. Moreover, the chair and armrests have a lower height, allowing the chair to fit comfortably under dining and activity tables.

Purchase a Geri Chair Today!

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