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What is the Standard Wheelchair Width?

If you are looking to buy a wheelchair, one of the most important things to consider is its size. For instance, you wouldn’t want to purchase a chair that is too small or too wide. It could make sitting uncomfortable and traveling difficult.

So what is the width of a wheelchair?

Keep reading to learn what the standard wheelchair width is, as well as how to find the right wheelchair for you!

Your Guide to Understanding the Standard Wheelchair Width

What is the Average Width of a Wheelchair?

Standard wheelchair widths are generally sixteen inches for a narrow adult, eighteen inches for an average adult, and twenty inches for a wide adult. However, pediatric wheelchairs can be as small as ten inches, and bariatric wheelchairs can be as wide as thirty inches.

Essentially, each type of wheelchair comes in a different set of sizes, with eighteen being a fair medium for wheelchair width.

How to Determine the Right Wheelchair Width for You

A good way to determine the right wheelchair width for you is to measure it. 

First, sit down on a solid surface, such as an uncushioned chair. Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of the patient’s lap. This may be the hips or thigh area. 

The next step is to determine where the armrests are placed on the wheelchair. For instance, some armrests are installed on the outside of the seat frame. The chair width can be the same or a few inches wider than your measurement. On the other hand, some fixed armrests are positioned to the side edges of the seat. In that case, add about two inches to your measurement.

Now you know how to find the wheelchair width that is right for you!

What Kind of Wheelchair is Right for You?

Standard wheelchairs are perfect for individuals who can self-propel their own wheelchair and don’t plan to be sitting all day.

Lightweight wheelchairs are perfect for individuals who plan to use their wheelchair more often. They often weigh under thirty-five pounds and include a foldable frame, swing-away footrests, and full-length armrests.

Transport wheelchairs are lightweight and have a collapsible frame. These chairs require someone to push the chair from behind, rather than the patient moving the chair on his/her own.

Rigid ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are designed for active individuals. The frames are foldable and easy to transport. The lightweight frames make it easier for patients to get around.

Tilt in space wheelchairs allows patients to tilt back on a fixed or sliding pivot point. This relieves pressure on patients’ backs and is much more comfortable for patients who must spend most of their time in a wheelchair.

Reclining wheelchairs are very similar to tilt in space ones. Rather than reclining via a pivot point, however, reclining chairs have a simpler design. 

Standing wheelchairs are designed with cutting-edge technology. The user can move and operate the chair using a joystick controller. These chairs also feature a stand-up mode that allows patients to move around while in a standing position.

Pediatric wheelchairs are made for the comfort of children. The frames can tilt and recline, and the chair has extra padding to reduce bed sores and keep kids comfortable.

Bariatric and heavy-duty wheelchairs have a wider width and larger weight capacity to support patients who weigh as much as 850 pounds.

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