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Breathe easier by cutting down on dust

Keep It Clean!  As the weather gets cold again, we’re shutting our windows and closing up our houses. While this keeps icy breezes out, cutting off the airflow allows dust t`o build up inside.  People with respiratory problems, weak lungs or dust allergies can have trouble adjusting.  A few small changes can help clear the air.


To compensate for a stuffy house, dust regularly with damp cloths or dyer sheets. The water in damp cloths will help dissolve thick build up. Dryer sheets reduce static cling, so dusting with them encourages the dust to stay off longer. To dust tiny crevices, try using a soft paintbrush. Long horizontal blinds are easily cleaned by slipping a sock over your hand and running it along each section. For larger surfaces though, don’t use dry dusters. Dry cloths and feather dusters only spread dirt around.  Here are a few more pointers to make sure the air in your house stays healthy and clean!

  • Dust doesn’t just come from outside. Some of it is composed of dead, flaking skin. Change your bed linens once a week to minimize your contribution to the mess. To kill the dust mites in your laundry, make sure you use water that is hotter than 130 degrees.


  • The clothing in your closet also constantly sheds small particles, contributing more dust to your house. The loose fibers will be easier to vacuum up if you keep the floor space beneath your hanging clothes clear. Contain the dust in between vacuuming by shutting your closet door when you’re not inside.


  • Dust settles deep into woven fibers. Upholstered sofas can collect years of dirt. Consider using slipcovers for your couches or investing in leather armchairs. Slick or removable surfaces make cleaning easier. Bookcases are another place dirt collects. Consider getting bookshelves with glass-fronted doors to keep your books clean. Glass is much easier to clean than paper pages


  • Thick carpet is one of the most common dust traps. Reducing the amount of carpeting in your house will cut down on build up. Wood, tile, or linoleum floors are all good replacement options for carpet. A few rugs won’t hurt, as long as you wash them regularly. When cleaning your floors, begin with vacuuming to get the bulk of the soil off the floor. Finish the job with a thorough mopping.


  • If you have old wallpaper in your house, this may be another place where dust is building up. Replacing this porous surface with tile or enamel paint will further reduce the number of surfaces small particles can cling to.


  • Change your furnace filter regularly. The filter is supposed to trap dust, but if it becomes full, the small particles will circle back through your house. Check to make sure your house has good overall ventilation. If dust has nowhere to go it will pile up faster.


By making small adjustments to your cleaning routine and thoughtful decisions about the surfaces in your home, you can reduce the dust. Cleaner air leads to healthier living. Now you can breathe easier. Take a look at some of these fun facts about keeping your home healthy and clean!


Squeaky Clean: House Cleaning Facts

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