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2 Position

2 Position Lift Chairs are the least expensive and have a smaller set of features. They will recline to maximum of 45 degrees, and back and leg-rest operate in unison. 2 position recliners are primarily for users who have a temporary injury and do not need to spend extended periods of time in the chair. These models will stop in any position between upright and 45 degree full recline, as well as tilting forward to assist in standing up out of the seat.

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What is a 2 position lift chair?

2 position lift chairs provide the same lifting function as all other lift chairs, however, they are really designed as a limited use chair. What I mean is, 2 position lift chairs offer a limited reclining backrest, so you can really only recline to about a 45 degree angle. They do have an ottoman that will flip up as the chair reclines that will provide additional comfort. 2 position lift chairs are recommended for reading or watching television.

Whether or not a 2 position lift chair is right for depends mainly on one factor. How much time will you spend in your lift chair? If you will spend pretty much all day in your chair, a 2 position chair is probably not right for you. You really won't be able to sleep in it. If you will casually be sitting in it, maybe to read a book or watch television, then a 2 position chair will be perfect.

One advantage to a 2 position lift chair is that they don't usually require as much space as other types of chairs. Since 2 positions chairs don't recline all the way, they can sit a little closer to the wall. A typical 2 position lift chair would require 10-12 inches between the back of the chair and the wall to fully operate. Some wall-hugger models can sit as close as 3-4 inches.

Even though 2 position lift chairs are called "2 position" it doesn't mean there are only two positions. When you operate the lifting mechanism with the hand control, you could stop the chair at any position between the sitting position and the fully reclined position. So really, there is a limited amount of positions, but there are more than 2. The ottoman and the backrest operate on a single motor, so as you recline, the ottoman will rise up.