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Full Body Lift Instructions
  1. Fold the u-sling in half along the curve so that the ends are together. Make sure that the loops and tabs are on the inside when you fold.
  2. Remove any excess blankets or sheets from the top of the patient and straighten the patient's clothing or gown.
  3. Inspect the bed to ensure that it is locked and the guard rails are up.
  4. Roll the patient carefully to one side of the body.
  5. Lay the folded u-sling along the length of the patient with the curve at the head of the patient and the ends towards the feet of the patient. Make sure the fold of the sling is next to the patient while the two sides of the sling are to the outside.
  6. Roll the patient onto the patient's back and then onto the patient's other side.
  7. Tug gently at the top layer of the folded sling, and pull it so that it lays flat across the bed.
  8. Roll the patient onto the patient's back and arrange the patient's limbs so that the arms and legs are straight, flat and in-line with the body.
  9. Bring the Patient Lift over to the bed. The base moves on casters and becomes wider and thinner at the front below the cradle in order to be able to get closer to more patient resting places.
  10. Lower the cradle over the patient so that the loops will reach, but not so low that it touches the patient.
  11. Hook the loops on the sides of the u-sling to the cradle. There are adjustable loops for behind the patient's shoulders so you can choose the loop that fits most comfortably and connect those to the hooks toward the boom of the lift apparatus.
    1. Cross the leg loops under the patient's legs. Make sure the left loop is reaching across to hook to the right hook, while the right loop is reaching across to hook to the left hook, and that the hooks are set away from the boom of the lift apparatus. This criss-cross helps the patient's legs stay together and keeps the patient from slipping out of the sling.
    2. Decide whether the patient is able to hold up his or her head.  There is a flap that can be hooked up to help with those that cannot, but the flap is not comfortable for those that are capable of head control.
  12. Lift the cradle slowly with the loops hooked in place, and the patient should lift also. Make sure everything is secure and comfortable before proceeding.
  13. Press the foot pedal to bring the front of the base to a parallel position.
  14. Roll the lift with the sling and patient in place slowly to the new destination.
  15. Use the foot pedal at the back of the base of the lift apparatus to open or close the front of the base in order to get as close to the new destination as possible.
  16. Position the patient carefully directly over the center of the new destination before lowering the cradle so that the patient is resting in the new place.
  17. Unhook the loops from the cradle and remove the sling from the patient.
    1. Roll the patient from side to side, and fold and remove the sling if the patient is on a bed or a stretcher.
    2. Tug gently upwards to slide the sling out from behind the patient if the patient is in a wheelchair or a car.

Note: Patient Lift USA, LLC, DBA Amica Medical Supply shall not be held responsible for any damages or injury resulting from using this guide or procedures. As a caregiver, you are responsible for the patient's safety. You must be well informed of the patient's condition and ability to be lifted and transferred using a patient lift. Inspect the sling before each use. Check carefully for wear and tear, and damage to seams, fabric, straps and loops. Never use a damaged sling or lift.