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Bariatric Bed: Top 5 Heavy Duty Beds for Adults

Bariatric homecare beds are great options for people who need a sturdy frame. 

Bariatric beds are made with an extra wide frame and heavy-duty motors that aid in holding extra weight. While most bariatric beds hold up anywhere from 600 to 750 pounds, some beds can hold up to 1,000 pounds. Because of this, bariatric hospital beds can cost as much as three times as much as a regular hospital bed! Whether you need to purchase a bariatric homecare bed for you or your patient, we’ve compiled a list of the best heavy-duty options for adults at the most affordable prices. 

Keep reading to see which bed is best for you!

Best Beds for Bariatric Patients

1. Sleep-Ezz Deluxe Bariatric

bariatric bed

Sleep-Ezz Deluxe Bariatric Twin XL Adjustable (Wired) is a great option for anyone who wants the luxury of a high-end bariatric bed but doesn’t want to pay the high-end price. This bed supports up to 600 pounds and is available for only $1,029. There are many adjustable features, such as the independently moving head and foot areas, which allow for any patient to find a comfortable position. Additionally, there are three more Sleep-Ezz Deluxe beds available for purchase, offering a selection of customizable features: 

2. Medline Bariatric Full Electric

bariatric bed

The Medline Bariatric Full Electric holds up to 600 pounds and is available for only $1,375. This bed focuses on functionality. There is a remote control with large, easy-to-use buttons, three AC monitors, and smooth rolling casters that allow easy positioning of the bed. Additionally, the bed is ergonomically lightweight and has adjustable features. In the end, this bed is a great option for anyone who wants a less expensive bariatric bed with high-end functions.

3. Zenith 9000 Full Electric Resident Bed

The Zenith 9000 Full Electric Resident Bed is a Hi-Lo bed, which means it can fall as low as seven inches from the ground and raise as tall as thirty inches high. With a 600-pound weight capacity, having the option to lower the bed can reduce accidents and injuries in patients, as well as make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed. 

At $1,989, this electric bariatric bed comes with four quiet motors that aid in efficient, easy operation. Additionally, the bed is adjustable, which allows users to find therapeutic positions that provide optimum comfort. The bed is also made from steel, which ensures the sustainability of the heavy-duty bed. 

4. Drive Full Electric

The Drive Full Electric bed comes in two options: one to support 750 pounds and another to support 1,000 pounds. The Full Electric 750 model costs $3,199, while the Full Electric 1,000 model costs $3,475. The steel construction along with electric operation allows for quiet, smooth operation. Additionally, the adjustable bed enables users to bed height, foot elevation, and head positioning. 

5. BAR750

bariatric bed

Lastly, the BAR750 has the most high-end options available. It comes with a durable hand remote, two quality motors, a strong steel frame, and a 750-pound weight limit. The motors are extra quiet and allow patients to adjust their beds easily. The bed is also adjustable in both width and length. Normally thirty-nine inches wide, it can extend up to forty-eight inches. On the other hand, it can grow in length from eighty inches to eighty-eight. That being said, there are three different mattress sizes to choose from.

Though this bed is the most expensive on our list at $4,000, it has all the amenities to accommodate for its price. 

Buy Your Bariatric Bed Today!

With so many bariatric beds to choose from, it can be difficult choosing just one, even with the aid of our comprehensive list. Here at Amica Medical Supply, we work hard to supply customers with the best, most affordable medical appliances out there. To find your perfect heavy duty hospital bed, you can shop our store or contact us today!

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