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Costumes for Wheelchairs

Planning your Halloween costume can be one of the major perks of fall! The holiday encourages unbridled ingenuity. For one night you’re allowed to dress like whatever you can imagine. Here are some types of costumes that specifically require wheelchairs. Let your creativity roll on!wheelchair costume

Wheelchairs can easily be modified to resemble other kinds of transportation devices such as racecars, spaceships, and trucks. They already have wheels, so a little cardboard and tape can accomplish a lot. If you want to incorporate a vehicle into your costume, consider choosing a character or historical figure that is closely associated with a vehicle. Pirates need ships; princesses need carriages; scientists need time-traveling machines.

If you prefer career costumes to character costumes, think through what professions utilize vehicles. Firemen, police, conductors, soldiers, and astronauts all use specialized vehicles. Taxis and buses need drivers.

But maybe you would rather go as the vehicle itself. If this is the case, animated films will give you some good ideas. Blinking windshields and emotional cars are animation staples. The vehicle doesn’t even have to have wheels. Who are your favorite moody machines? Robot costumes are easy to build over wheelchairs.

Wheelchair costume
If machinery is really not your thing, try an animal costume instead. Dress your wheelchair as a horse and go as a knight or cowboy. Don’t just think about creatures from earth. Do any of your favorite characters ride aliens on other planets?

Wheelchair Costume
Or instead of dressing your wheelchair as the animal, wear the ears yourself. Dress as a rabbit and transform your wheelchair into a hat. Does your favorite animal live in a unique habitat? A wheelchair makes it easy to add a dam to your beaver costume or an aquarium to your fish outfit. If you really want to be an animal, you could even go half-and-half. Mermaid and centaur costumes are uniquely suited for use with wheelchairs.

Your costume options are unlimited, but incorporating your wheelchair will make more complex costumes possible. Whether you choose to go with a traditional costume or incorporate your wheelchair using one of the ideas above, a little creativity can get you a lot of candy. Just make sure to keep your candy bag in easy reach. Don’t forget to leave space in your costume for treats!


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