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Mobility Scooter Tips

Mobility Scooters Can Put Some Zip Back in Your Life
Mobility scooters can add versatility and variety to your life. Though they were first invented in the late sixties by a plumber, they caught on quickly. Over the last fifty years the scooters evolved. New features like colorful panels and baskets were added. Some scooters were upgraded to add stability across off-road surfaces. As technology advances, battery life improves, controls become more refined, and the scooters become more comfortable. Today’s scooters are especially well suited to those who have partial mobility but need a little extra help traveling long distances. Whether you need a bit more energy to make your full trip around the grocery store, or just want a reliable machine to take off the sidewalk and across the park, scooters are a good option.
Check out the guys from TopGear take some mobility scooters through their paces!

Scooters come in various shapes and sizes - since us humans come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes! Make sure to choose the scooter that will meet the widest variety of needs that you think you'll have.  Need a lightweight portable scooter? Or a sturdy, heavy duty scooter?  What about a tricked out off road capable scooter?
heavy duty scooter
To get all the benefits scooters can offer it’s important to care for them properly. The first,most important thing is to keep them dry. Do not get your mobility scooter wet, even when cleaning it. Clean your scooter after each use instead with a dry cloth. A little glass cleaner is fine to use on hard, shiny surfaces. To clean the seat you can use disinfectant. Everything else, especially the electrical components, should remain absolutely dry. When you’re not using the scooter, cover it to avoid build up from dirt and dust. Build up in the engine area can shorten the scooter’s life span.
On the road be alert to the people around you. Avoid collisions by being courteous to others. Conversely, do your best to stay visible in high traffic so people will give you the space you need. If you're zipping about in the city, a flagpole similar to what you would see on a golf cart can increase your visibility.
portable scooter
When you bring your scooter home after a day of use, check your battery to make sure it’s ready for your next outing. Recharge it if you need to. When you recharge your batteries take the opportunity to check your tires. Make sure nothing has lodged in or punctured through the rubber.
Every year make an appointment with your mobility scooter repairman to get your scooter inspected. Sometimes repairmen can notice problems you’ve missed. Catching problems early leads to cheaper repairs. By keeping your scooter clean, driving safely, and inspecting it regularly, you can ensure a long lasting scooter.
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