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Top 6 Geri Chairs & Geriatric Recliners

Too often, elderly individuals with limited mobility are confined to a hospital or home care bed. They’re unable to safely sit upright, and this can cause pressure injuries. Choosing the right geriatric chair can allow individuals to sit in several upright positions. This means users can be both comfortable and secure.

If you’re in the market for a geriatric chair, you know that there are dozens of options out there. How do you know which chair is right for you? This guide can help! Keep reading to find out more about six popular geriatric chairs and their features.

Top Geriatric Chairs & Recliners

1. Invacare Traditional 3-Position Recliner

The Invacare traditional 3-position geri chair provides a wide range of benefits for individuals with limited mobility. In addition to the classic upright position, it offers a fully-reclined position and a legs-elevated position. The adjustable headrest and lockable side tray make this chair a great option for all types of settings.

Price: $491

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2. Invacare 3-Position Recliner - Deluxe

Invacare’s deluxe 3-position recliner is an upgraded version of its classic geri chair. This chair features an ergonomic design that never skimps on comfort. With a formed seat and back, users can rest easy in any of the three available positions. For caregivers, the push bar allows for easy maneuverability. It’s available in 19" or 23" seat width options.

Price: $598

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3. Lumex Three-Position Recliner

Users will find maximum comfort and mobility with the Lumex Three-Position Recliner. Caregivers can easily adjust the chair to any of its three available positions: upright, partial recline, and full recline. Plus, this recliner’s Flex-o-Lator Seat Support System offers an ideal seating option for individuals who need position changes to decrease the risk of pressure sores or other health issues. Optional add-on features like an IV pole, activity tray, or headrest support are also available.

Price: $459

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4. Drive Medical 3-Position Recliner

The extra-large tray on the Drive Medical 3-Position geri chair makes it a popular choice among caregivers. The tray is extremely versatile with five position settings and the option to remove it completely when it’s not needed. The recliner itself has three positions and features 5-inch wheels that make it easy for caregivers to move the chair. The padded armrests and durable upholstery make it comfortable for users.

Price: $510

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5. Lumex Preferred Care Recliner

The Lumex Preferred Care Recliner is one of the best geri chairs for both caregivers and elderly individuals. Its patented reclining mechanism provides infinite positional options—users can recline anywhere from 95 degrees to 145 degrees. In addition, this geriatric chair has a compact design that allows it to fit under dining tables. Its vinyl covering resists mildew and sulfide stains.

Price: $624

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6. Drive Medical 3-Position Recliner - Extra Wide

For individuals who require a geri chair with an extra-wide seat, this Drive Medical 3-Position Recliner is a great option. This chair’s 25-inch seat ensures safety and comfort in each of its three positions. To make cleaning easy, the recliner’s seat features a moisture barrier, and the side panels of the chair are removable.

Price: $745

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Geriatric chairs ensure the comfort of elderly individuals who are seeking mobility and comfort. Finding the perfect chair for you is simple, thanks to the top-rated product offerings at Amica Medical Supply.

Amica is the largest online distributor of medical supplies, and we’re proud to carry a wide range of geri chair options. With helpful customer service and low prices every day, you’re sure to find just the chair you’re looking for. Check out our selection of geri chairs today!

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