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Types of Hoyer Lift Slings

Patient lifts provide caretakers with the essential ability to move patients from one place to the other with minimal effort. Whether it is assisting the patient as they stand or moving them to another bed, patient lifts get the job done.

Here are five Hoyer lift slings that epitomize the standard of quality for which the company is known:

1. Professional Advance-E Portable Electric Patient Lift

The Hoyer Advance-E is one of the more sought out Hoyer sling lifts on the market. This is thanks to its lightweight frame, tapered leg design, and folding capabilities. The pull can handle an impressive range of transfers and can be moved around a facility with relative ease. The lift is also powered by a motor for minimal to no strain. This is one of the better products on the market today because it is versatile and powerful at once.

2. Hoyer Presence Lift

The Presence Lift by Hoyer has an impressive lift range from the floor and can withstand up to 500 pounds safely. The lift’s easy to move design, sturdy frame, and spacious size have made it a favorite of many facilities. The ergonomic footpad design offers caretakers better control of lift movement, ensuring safety and a smooth transition.

3. Hoyer Deluxe Electric Power Lift

The Hoyer Deluxe Electric Power Lift is an outstanding piece of machinery. The lift is equipped with a mechanical down-release lever for situations that require non-powered lowering. The actuator on the elevator offers a single speed. It’s also conveniently mounted on the back of the lift to grant the patient leg clearance. With added leg guards and caster bumpers, there is no denying this lift’s appeal.

4. Hoyer Stature Professional Series

The Hoyer Stature Professional Series lift offers pure excellence. The price is slightly higher than other Hoyer patient lifts out there, but the features are impressive. Built for the most challenging situations, this lift’s scalloped base allows caregivers to get closer to the elevator to assist patients. The pull handles up to 500 pounds and has a broad lifting range that simplifies transfers. This machine is built for today’s advanced medical facilities.

5. The Hoyer Calibre Professional Series

The Hoyer Calibre Professional Series Lift is the premier lift by Hoyer on the market today. Designed for heavier patients, this lift is sturdy and has an impressive lifting range. Using a full body sling, this lift can safely withstand 850 pounds. The Calibre can be configured with or without a weight scale, and its digital controls make it easy to operate for caregivers. This machine is top of the line and is used in premier medical facilities around the world.

Hoyer has made a name for itself with quality, recognizable products that last. Protecting both the patient and the caregiver has been the company’s main goal for years. The trusted brand offers a multitude of models for the varying needs of the ever-evolving medical industry. The options provided here should help you find the patient lift you need.

For more information about Hoyer lift slings, contact Amica Medical Supply today.

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