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Best 5 Hi-Lo Hospital Beds - High Low Beds

Hospital beds have significantly evolved over the years, adding more features as time goes by. One of the primary functions of hospital beds is their ability to raise and lower with the simple push of a button.

These practical beds, often called hi-lo hospital beds, provide a level of convenience for both the caretaker and the patient. This is essential in a medical setting and any tool to help provide it is welcomed.

Here are five of the best hi-lo hospital beds on the market:

1. Invacare Manual Hi-Lo

Starting on the economic side, the Invacare Manual Hi-Lo Bed offers all of the convenience of an electric model. The bed is adjusted manually via a hand crank that adjusts both upper and lower body to the desired level. The hi-lo hospital bed’s height can also be raised and lowered using one of the hand cranks at the foot of the bed. This product is a perfect blend of comfort and economy.

2. Delta Ultra-Light 1000-Low

The Delta Ultra-Light 1000’s pre-installed electric motor offers the type of versatility that is necessary for patient comfort. The engine allows the caretaker or patient to adjust the bed’s height from standard to low with the simple push of a button. The 9-volt battery gives the motor plenty of juice, and the foundation is sturdy as can be, withstanding capacity of up to 450 pounds. The head and foot area can be adjusted as well with relative ease, up to nine times if necessary.

3. Medline Low Full Electric

For full electric capabilities and superb comfort, Medline is an excellent choice. The brand’s trademarked Linak motors are smooth as can be and change the bed’s levels with minimal disruption to the patient. All the electronics are easy to clean and moisture resistant. This includes the remote control and the main motor. The aesthetic of the bed is fantastic, with a scratch-resistant finish that is sure to look great at any facility.

4. Alterra Hi-Lo

The Alterra Hi-Lo bed offers premium comfort in every sense. The 26-inch height prevents the caretaker from having to bend to assist the patient, preventing strains. The movement of the bed is entirely vertical and smooth, ensuring that the patient is never disturbed. The railings are soft, and the bed’s motors provide multiple positions for complete comfort from head to toe. The bed is equipped with battery backups that allow it to keep functioning through power outages.

5. Flex-A-Bed High-Low 185

The Flex-A-Bed High-Low 185 is a high-end option that provides multiple height levels at the touch of a button. Each bed is hand-crafted, adjustable, made with premium materials, and backed by one the best warranties in the industry. The worry-free guarantee covers all parts and repair and ensures that the bed is long-lasting. This option is an excellent choice for assisted living and home healthcare environments.

There is no doubt that comfort and convenience are vital in hospital settings. Each of the beds we have listed here offers that and much more. We hope that the information provided here allows you to make an informed decision. Invest in the best kind of hi-lo hospital beds that suits your facility or home. As a caretaker, there is nothing more important than assisting those in need; these beds are a great place to start.

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