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Medical Office Supplies for Bariatric Centers

Bariatric centers here in the United States offer individuals an opportunity to reclaim control of their lives and improve their health. To do this, they must have certain medical office supplies on hand to offer patients quality care. Let’s take a look at some essential medical office supplies vital to any bariatric center.

Adult Walkers

Once it reaches more critical levels, obesity can impair an individual’s ability to walk and move freely. Adult walkers can provide the additional support they need to move from one area to the next. Having enough of these in your facility will make providing care easier for staff and patients alike. They can also help prevent injuries to both parties. 

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are always an essential medical supply. That’s as true in bariatric centers as it is anywhere else. Make sure you have plenty of these monitors in your facility so your staff can perform routine blood pressure check-ups. This particular medical supply is absolutely vital to providing effective and safe care. 

Bariatric Scales

The need for bariatric scales in a bariatric center should go without saying. They’re important enough that we wanted to highlight them, however, as their presence is crucial to patient care. Both handrail and flip-up seat scales can handle large amounts of weight while providing accurate readings. Take a look at new designs, too, as they have become more sophisticated and efficient. 

Bariatric Patient Lifts

Bariatric patient lifts help nurses lift patients from their bed onto transport devices like a wheelchair or walker. These portable devices are essential to prevent injury to the patient as well as your nurses. They can handle plenty of weight to move patients safely while being light enough to be easily moved by employees. Having just a few of these to go around can help everything and everyone move more smoothly. 

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric beds provide the type of weight support necessary in bariatric centers and accommodate patients well. Safety bolsters and rails are also available, and many of these types of beds have become more affordable over the years. A bariatric facility cannot be without these essential pieces of equipment.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Fast and easy mobility is crucial at any bariatric facility and you can never have enough options on hand. Heavy duty wheelchairs provide your patients and staff the comfort and flexibility they need to move around the facility safely. Keep plenty of them on hand to ensure that both your staff and patients are able to move as easily as possible.

Bariatric centers can provide their own unique challenges, but there are medical office supplies to meet them. Take your time and research the necessities vital to the effective management of your clinic. Invest in high-quality supplies to help ensure patient satisfaction and staff safety.

Here are a few of our recommended medical office supplies for Bariatric Centers:

1) Sleep-Ezz Deluxe Bariatric Queen Massage XL Adjustable Bed

Sleep-Ezz's Bariatric Queen Massage Adjustable Bed is in the Deluxe Series, which gives an excellent value with features of much more expensive beds. This model comes with the Patented Ultra EZZ Massage System. This massage system quietly delivers "multi-directional" (vertical as well as horizontal) massage motion which delivers a deeper massage, and allows the body to relax and fall asleep faster, improve blood circulation, soothes most rheumatic pains, helps to ease high and low back pain. This bed features a lifetime warranty on the frame, and five years on the mechanism and electronics. Note: Wireless hand control is not available for this model.

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2) Sentra HD450

Medical Office Supplies bariatric wheelchair

The Sentra HD450 Bariatric from Drive Medical is the ultimate heavy-duty wheelchair. It has reinforced gussets at all the weight-bearing joints, dual crossbraces and heavy-duty flat-free casters. The upholstery is reinforced to keep it from sagging after extended use, so it's comfortable and supportive. It also has heavy duty flat free 8” front casters that are adjustable in three positions and maintenance free composite Mag-style wheels with chrome handrims.

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3) Cirrus Plus HD Sling Seat

The Cirrus HD Bariatric from Drive Medical is the ultimate heavy-duty powerchair. It has adjustable tension back upholstery steel, dual cross braces, and heavy-duty flat-free casters. The upholstery is reinforced to keep it from sagging after extended use, so it's comfortable and supportive. It also has heavy duty flat free 8” front casters that are adjustable in three positions and maintenance free composite Mag-style wheels with chrome handrails.

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4) BestLift PL500 Full Body Electric Lift

BestLift PL500 full body patient lift is a cost-effective solution for safe patient transfers in a professional environment, or at home. Base easily opens to increase stability during operation. Legs can then be closed to transport the patient through doorways and other spaces. This lift has a 6-point spreader bar to accommodate a wide variety of full body slings. Compatible with most 4-point and 6-point slings on the market. This power lift will lift a patient from the floor with ease. There are optional weight scale is also available.

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5) Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table

The Invacare Tracer SX5 allow you to purchase a table that is standard or go wild, choose upholstery, frame color, wheels and more. The SX5 offers multiple seat widths, depths, arm styles and seat-to-floor heights with your choice of three upholstery colors and options. The only manual wheelchair on a market that allows you to personalize! The Tracer SX5 lightweight frame weighing less the 36 pounds which, makes this chair perfect for rental and long or short-term use. The Tracer SX5 now combines the design and technology of the 9000 series wheelchairs making it possible to interchange components.

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