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Best Medical Walker Accessories: Wheels, Balls, Bags & More

In the United States, approximately 6.1 million individuals use mobility devices such as canes, crutches, and walkers. With so many people using them, it’s important walkers are comfortable and easy to use. The best way to improve your walker is to find walker accessories, such as wheels, gliders, cup holders, bags, and more.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best walker accessories as well as where you can purchase them for affordable prices. Check them out!

Walker Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier!

1. Walker Balls

walker ball accessories

Walker Balls typically attach to the rear legs of a walker to help increase mobility by allowing walkers with front wheels to glide effortlessly. This walker accessory can fit any walker easily and are long-lasting and durable. Typical walker balls come in gray, blue, or purple as a pair.

2. Ski Glides

ski glide walker accessories

Walker Ski Glides are durable, long-lasting tools that are used on one-inch folding walkers. Like the balls, the ski glides allow users to glide across most surfaces with ease. The plastic composite may last longer than the tennis balls and are thus better options for long-term use.

3. Rear Tennis Ball Glides

tennis ball walker accessories

Walker Rear Tennis Ball Glides have all the benefits of the tennis balls, and ski glides combined into one sturdy accessory. These are easy and safe to install, last longer than any other slide grip, and provide a quiet, smooth gliding experience.

4. Cup Holder

cup holder walker accessories

The Universal Cup Holder is made from lightweight, durable plastic that will last you a long time. The clamp has an innovative design that allows the cup holder to swivel to keep cups level and prevent spilling. Additionally, it easily attaches to wheelchairs, rollators, or wheeled walkers. The clamp insert can be removed or added to accommodate for different sized tubing. 

5. Pouch

pouch walker accessories

The Walker Pouch makes it easy for you to store your valuables while on the go. This model has a 5-pound weight capacity and is lightweight, water repellent, and mildew, and rot-resistant. The sturdy velcro closures make it easy to attach the pouch and keep it secure. Moreover, it has inside and outside pockets, making it efficient and easy to store everything you need!

6. Mobility Light

mobility light walker accessories

The Mobility Light has three bright LED lights and long battery life, making it an efficient accessory for your walker! The light is motion and light-activated, which means it will turn on automatically when you are using your walker in the dark. To attach it, attach the easy-to-use clamp, which has foam padding for a secure grip.

7. Wheels

wheel walker accessories

There are multiple types of wheels you can purchase. Some wheels allow individuals to travel over numerous surfaces while other wheels make it easier to navigate smaller spaces. Here are two of the best wheels for you to choose from:

Universal 5” Walker Wheels easily converts a folding walker into a wheeled walker. These particular wheels have eight height adjustments, allowing you to find the perfect size to suit your needs. Additionally, the rubber wheel surface enables the walker to roll over irregular surfaces with ease. These wheels also come with glide caps so you can rollover any surface.

The Swivel Wheels With Glide Tips make the walker easier to maneuver. The wheels turn entirely around, allowing you to navigate confined areas with ease. While these wheels aid in transportation, they add 4.5 inches to the height of the walker and are not adjustable.

8. Breaks

breaks walker accessories

If you purchase wheels for your walker, it’s usually a good idea to purchase Rear Break Attachments as well. They allow you to quickly stop the walker without it interfering with your regular walking motion. All in all, they make using a walker with wheels much easier! These can be used with a 3” or 5” wheel attachment.

9. Tray

tray walker accessories

The Folding Walker Tray is the best tray on the market for walkers. It has molded details to hold cups, clip-on brackets for secure attachment, and slopped corners for easy cleaning. This tray can even remain attached when the walker is folded!

10. Basket

basket walker accessories

Like the pouch, baskets are great tools to help you carry items around with ease. However, the basket is best used for homecare while the pouch is better for trips outside of the home or patient care facility. Here are two of the best baskets for walkers on the market:

The Drive Medical Walker Basket is made from durable steel and long-lasting paint. This basket also comes with a plastic insert tray and cup holder! 

Invacare Walker Basket has molded details that fit cups and pens and can fold out of the way when it’s not in use. 

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