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Caring for Your Child’s Special Needs: Purchasing Medical Equipment

Adults are not the only ones who require at-home medical care supplies. Children with certain physical and developmental disabilities who might require special equipment include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, and Down’s Syndrome, to name a few. As a parent with a child that requires special care and equipment, you know the stress and struggle that it can be to get him or her what they need to get around. You also know how critical it is for their development to offer them the equipment needed to be able to get around independently.

Cerebral Palsy: A Guide For Parents

The first step in any sort of treatment is understanding what you are dealing with. Anyone who has ever needed to purchase medical equipment knows that there are times when confusion and frustration can take over. It should be easy enough to meet your child’s needs, but the decisions that need to be made and the stress of the situation can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Having a strong medical team supporting you as you go through the process is priceless. Having a medical supply company who understands your needs and is there to offer excellent products and superior customer service is beyond priceless. Amica Medical Supply is just that company. Here is a sampling of a few items that you will want to purchase from to meet your child’s needs.

1. Strollers – If you are the parent of a young child then you know that a stroller is a necessity in order to be able to get around. Whether you are going for a walk or walking through the mall, your child needs a safe place to sit as you move around. Having the hands-free capability is a lifesaver as you try to maneuver and get things done. Special needs children require additional supervision and support, so having the convenience of a comfortable stroller is a benefit to both you and your child. When shopping for a stroller look for an ideal weight support. Amica’s strollers support up to 250 pounds, which should be sufficient for most children. In addition, make sure that the seat is both firm yet comfortable. Since special needs children spend most of their time in a seat, you want to give them the most comfortable option available.

2. Wheelchairs – There comes a point when your child might need a wheelchair, for both at home and while out. Selecting the right wheelchair can be a difficult task. You will need to locate a wheelchair that meets all of your child’s needs. Work closely with Amica to select a self-propelled or manual model. If your child needs a reclining chair consider the Kanga TS. With a choice in seat widths and the various adjustable features, you not only get the most comfortable fit, you get a wheelchair that can grow with your child. Because your child will spend the majority of his or her day in their wheelchair, you want the best fit possible with the most comfortable adjustments. Consult with Amica to select the best options and size for their needs.

3. Walkers and Trainers – If your child is ready to walk or needs assistance to walk, then you need a walker and/or trainer. From toddler to young adult, the walkers and trainers available through Amica Medical Supply has just what you are looking for. Think about the areas where your child will be using the walker. This will help you to select the right size so that they are not limited to certain areas of the house. Also, if you are out and about quite a bit you will want to select a walker with one-directional rear wheels. This will prevent your child from reversing unexpectedly. Look for adjustability so as your child grows your walker will grow with him, much like the wheelchair. Many can also be customized to further meet your needs by adding forearm supports and ankle prompts.

Working with Amica Medical Supply will take the stress out of selecting the right equipment for your child. With their superior customer support and speedy shipping you can easily order and receive your equipment. Furthermore, their 30-day return policy means that you can ensure that you have ordered the right equipment for your child. If you are not completely satisfied you can work with Amica to get the right fit. Dealing with your child’s medical needs is extremely stressful. Having the right equipment means that your child can participate in activities that they otherwise would not be able to.

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