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11 Best Mobility Scooters For Seniors

Before quickly investing in a device that largely determines your quality of life and mobility, it’s important to research your options. Not all scooters are equal. After understanding some main differences, you can decide which of the best mobility scooters for seniors to purchase.

Table of Contents

  1. E-Wheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter EW-36
  2. MiniRider 4-Wheel
  3. Traveler 3-Wheel
  4. City Rider 4-Wheel
  5. Spitfire EX 4-Wheel
  6. Zip'r Roo 3-Wheel
  7. E-Wheels 2 Passenger Senior Scooter
  8. Ventura DLX 4-Wheel
  9. AFISCOOTER S 3-Wheel
  10. Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel
  11. Pursuit PMV

Types of Mobility Scooters

To uncover the best mobility scooter, narrow down your options by deciding what type of scooter best fits your lifestyle. Let’s roll through the types of scooters for senior citizens below.

A 3-wheel scooter is ideal for indoor use. The lightweight steering component makes it easy to control. Although some have larger tires meant for rugged terrains, most will include small tires. The smaller tires are meant for paved ground and allow for a smaller turning radius.

A 4-wheel scooter is better suited for the outdoors and often features sturdy tires. The larger tires are useful when riding over bumpy or uneven terrain. Thanks to the extra wheel, 4-wheel scooters provide an added element of stability.

Portable scooters with either 3 or 4 wheels can be easily taken apart and put in the trunk of a car. As you can guess, portable scooters are a great option for shopping trips or moving around at home. Because they are lightweight and can be broken into multiple components, portable scooters are ideal for traveling.

On the other hand, heavy-duty scooters can sustain more weight (up to 500 pounds) and have sturdier motors. These scooters can glide over rough terrain that other lightweight scooters may have trouble navigating. Plus, heavy-duty scooters feature reinforced suspension for a sturdy and comfortable ride.

Because travel range, weight limits, terrain, and portability needs will vary for each individual, there is no one-size-fits-all mobility scooter. We’ve gathered some of our top-selling scooters to bring you a list of our recommended best mobility scooters for seniors.

Best Mobility Scooters for Seniors

1. E-Wheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter EW-36

E-Wheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter EW-36This is one of our top selling and best mobility scooters for seniors with good reason. This high-octane electric scooter is the fastest on the market—able to travel up to 15 miles an hour and for 45 miles at a time. It arrives at your door in one piece, making setup simple. With dual shock absorbers, headlights and taillights, and an anti-theft alarm, the EW-36 is a great option for the road. To ensure safety, the scooter is equipped with a seatbelt, mirrors, and anti-tippers.

Price: $ 2,099

Visit Amica Medical Supply to learn more about the E-Wheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter EW-36!

2. MiniRider 4-Wheel

MiniRider 4-WheelCompact and reliable, the MiniRider 4-Wheel disassembles easily to transport between destinations. You can cruise easily through the zoo, park, or shopping mall after a simple assembly process. It has adjustable armrests and a comfortable seat so that riders can relax. The MiniRider has a load capacity of 275 pounds and a range of up to 15 miles.

Price: $899

Learn more about the MiniRider 4-Wheel at Amica Medical Supply!

3. Traveler 3-Wheel

Traveler 3-WheelThe Traveler -Wheel is affordable without sacrificing standard features in a mobility scooter. Featuring a headlight and basket, this scooter is a great option for shopping at any time of day. It can disassemble into 5 pieces without any cables to disconnect. Although this model is one of the smallest sizes, a simple upgrade to the Xtra offers 4 more inches of legroom. With flat-free, non-marking tires, you can ride this scooter indoors without any worries.

Price: $724

Visit Amica Medical Supply to learn more about the Traveler 3-Wheel!

4. City Rider 4-Wheel

City Rider 4-Wheel - Arctic WhiteThe City Rider’s most unique feature is its ability to maneuver on uneven ground. If you need to move in hilly areas, this scooter can climb inclines of up to 12 degrees. Its 700-watt, 4-pole brush motor and rear mono-shock suspension help it speed up to 10 miles an hour and cruise for up to 20 miles without charging. Although the City Ride has 4 wheels, it is able to turn with a 3 wheel radius.

Price: $ 1,699

Learn more about the City Rider 4-Wheel at Amica Medical Supply!

5. Spitfire EX 4-Wheel

Spitfire EX 4-WheelThe Spitfire EX 4-Wheel is among the best mobility scooters for seniors, especially for the taller folks. Its extra leg room and adjustable controls offer extra comfort for taller users, who may otherwise feel cramped. You can dissemble this scooter into 5 parts without any tools, making portability easy. This scooter also includes a front basket to store belongings, anti-tip wheels, and an extended wheel base.

Price: $999

Visit Amica Medical Supply to learn more about the Spitfire EX 4-Wheel!

6. Zip'r Roo 3-Wheel

Zip'r Roo 3-WheelSaying Zip’r Roo isn’t the only fun part of this scooter. It’s affordable, quick to disassemble, and one of the lightest scooters around. For those looking for a simple mobility scooter option, the Zip’r offers ease of assembly and use. Although it’s a portable travel scooter, this model includes a safety headlight, armrests that expand, and basket brackets. Its 30” turning radius makes it great for both indoor and outdoors.

Price: $629

Learn more about the Zip'r Roo 3-Wheel at Amica Medical Supply!

7. E-Wheels 2 Passenger Senior Scooter

best mobility scooters for seniorsFor a scooter that packs double the benefits, look no farther than the E-Wheels 2 Passenger Scooter. This sleek scooter has room for two riders! With traveling speeds up to 18 miles an hour, this senior mobility scooter is one of the fastest on the market. Safety features include lights in the front and rear and an anti-theft alarm for security. Best of all, this scooter requires no assembly. Put the fun back in your transportation with this high-power mobility scooter.

Price: $3,150

Visit Amica Medical Supply to learn more about the E-Wheels 2 Passenger Senior Scooter!

8. Ventura DLX 4-Wheel

best mobility scooters for seniorsRiding around on your mobility scooter should be pleasant and safe. With the Ventura DLX, you can steer with confidence. The easily adjustable tiller and ergonomic hand controls allow for an enjoyable steering experience. This mobility scooter has an impressive 22-mile range so you can ride for longer before recharging. Plus, there are plenty of safety features on this scooter. Rearview mirrors, a headlight and turn signals all combine to ensure a secure ride.

Price: $1,799

Learn more about the Ventura DLX 4-Wheel at Amica Medical Supply!


best mobility scooters for seniorsIf a luxury mobility scooter is what you’re searching for, the AFISCOOTER S 3-Wheel is the cream of the crop. Each part of this heavy-duty scooter is designed for the ultimate comfort and convenience of the rider. It’s no wonder this model won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The fully adjustable orthopedic seat keeps you comfortable while the LCD screen clearly displays the control panel. A lockbox on the back of the seat makes storage easy and secure. What’s not to love in this deluxe senior mobility scooter?

Price: $ 4,690

Visit Amica Medical Supply to learn more about the AFISCOOTER S 3-Wheel!

10. Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel

best mobility scooters for seniorsThe Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel is a popular choice for those looking for quality and affordability. Comfort and style combine to make this one of the best mobility scooters around. For getting around inside or taking trips to the store, this scooter is built to perform. Plus, the Go-Go Ultra X scooter can be easily broken down into 5 lightweight components. That means you can take it with you when you’re on the move.

Price: $879

Learn more about the Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel at Amica Medical Supply!

11. Pursuit PMV

best mobility scooters for seniorsIf you enjoy being in the great outdoors, the heavy-duty Pursuit PMV is for you. With large, 13” tires that are low to the ground, you can ride comfortably over rough terrain. The scooter provides stability and a secure ride in a deluxe reclining seat. You can enhance the comfort of your ride with optional accessories, including a protective canopy and armrest saddle bag attachment. Hop on the Pursuit PMV for a sporty look and comfortable ride as you soak in the outdoors.

Price: $2,999

Learn more about the Pursuit PMV at Amica Medical Supply!

For more of our best mobility scooters for seniors and accessories, check out our full scooter offerings.

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